Sage Sleep mattresses are healthier for you AND the planet.

More than 20 million mattresses end up in landfills each year in the U.S., enough to nearly circle the Earth at the equator. As mattresses in landfills slowly break down — a process that can take up to 90 years or longer — the chemicals inside leach into the environment.

These chemicals can include bleaches, dyes, fungicides, and flame retardants in fabrics and petrochemicals in memory foams, to name just a few!

In some landfills, chemicals from conventional mattresses not only release into the air and ground, but also invade groundwater and surrounding ecosystems. These chemicals can be toxic to organisms, animals, and humans.

Sustainable Mattress Solutions

Mattress recycling is increasing in popularity as one solution to the environmental problem posed by mattress disposal.

As much as 90% of a conventional mattress can be reused or repurposed into things like carpet padding and vehicle matting and interiors.

Organic mattresses go even further in solving the environmental issues that come with mattress manufacturing and disposal.

Eco Benefits of Organic Mattresses

Organic mattresses aren’t made with the same chemical-laden synthetic ingredients as conventional mattresses. Instead, organic mattresses are made from natural ingredients such as wool, cotton, and natural latex sustainably sourced from rubber trees.

These natural materials are typically sustainably harvested and free from toxic chemicals that can harm your health and the planet.

The conventional mattress industry recommends replacing your mattress every 7 to 10 years, which means you could possibly be throwing 7 to 10 mattresses into a landfill over the course of your lifetime.

Natural and organic mattresses last longer than conventional mattresses.

Natural latex, for example, doesn’t break down over time from moisture and movement (friction) like a conventional foam or memory-foam mattress.

By choosing a mattress made from long-lasting and sustainably sourced natural latex, you’re doing your part to keep mattresses out of landfills.

Organic vs. Natural Mattresses

Just like food at the grocery store, there can be a big difference between products labeled as “natural” and those holding organic certifications. A mattress calling itself "natural" may contain some amount of natural materials, but that doesn’t mean the entire mattress is nontoxic and eco-friendly.

A mattress must be 95% organic to meet USDA organic mattress standards and be labeled as organic.

Look for third-party verification for a mattress that’s truly good for you and the environment, including:

  • GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard. Mattresses with GOTS certification must use at least 95% certified organic fibers for all fabric used.
  • GOLS – Global Organic Latex Standard. This certification is the first third-party standard for organic latex. It specifies that the latex used must be at least 95% organic.
  • GREENGUARD – An independent certification that requires environmental chamber tests for over 360 chemicals. This certification specifies that a mattress is low in VOCs, phthalates, formaldehyde, and other harmful chemicals, and is safe for children and the elderly.

Avoiding Mattress Returns

More and more shoppers are buying mattresses online these days. Which means they’re not able to try out their beds before they buy.

What happens when you return a mattress?

In some states, a returned mattress is picked back up and donated to shelter or other organization that helps people in need. But in most cases, charities won’t accept mattresses, even if you've slept on it for only one night.

That means returned mattresses often are bound for one destination: a landfill near you.

At Sage Sleep, we’ve come up with the ultimate eco-friendly and sustainable solution to mattress returns. Our organic mattresses go beyond green — they can be customized to your personal sleeping preference, making every Sage Sleep mattress the right mattress for your body.

Even as you age and your body changes, your mattress can change right along with you. Increase the firmness or plushness to accommodate your changes in sleeping preferences from pregnancy, injuries, weight loss or weight gain, or simply as time goes by.

In other words, we’ve designed a mattress to last a lifetime — one that you simply won’t want to return.

Sleep more responsibly on an organic mattress by Sage Sleep.

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