Imagine a mattress that conforms to your body’s unique needs, as if it were designed just for you and the way you sleep. You don’t have to imagine anymore...

Sage Sleep offers one of the few natural organic mattresses in the industry that can be easily customized to your comfort preference.

Customizable Support

Take a peek inside our organic Sage Sleep mattress and you’ll find layers of natural latex enveloped in certified organic cotton. While they may look unassuming, these natural latex layers hold the secret to a custom comfort like no other.

Each layer cradles your body with a different level of support, so you can customize your mattress from firm to plush for your maximum comfort and sleeping style.

You can even customize different comfort levels for you and your sleeping partner, ensuring everyone gets the mattress of their dreams.

Your Body Changes. Shouldn’t Your Mattress?

Your body changes over time. Pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss, injuries, and age can all lead to a change in your sleeping preferences. Now you don’t have to have a single moment of discomfort as your body changes. Simply rearrange your natural latex layers to adapt the firmness of your mattress whenever you desire.

Customizing Your Mattress Is Fast and Easy

Changing the level of support on your Sage Sleep mattress is as easy as changing your sheets. You can take control of your comfort in 3 simple steps.

3 Easy Steps

  1. Unzip the organic cotton and wool cover.
  2. Flip your layers to the desired level of support.
  3. Rezip the mattress cover.

You Deserve a Mattress Made for YOUR Body

Each body is unique. So why rely on a mattress built for, well, just anybody? Sage Sleep offers one of the only customizable natural organic mattress on the market.

Whether you prefer to slip into slumber on your stomach, side, or back, a custom mattress could be the answer for fewer aches and pains, less snoring, or simply deeper, more restorative sleep. Find out just how comfortable sleep can be. Try a Sage Sleep organic mattress today and discover just how easy it can be to customize your sleeping experience.

Visit us in-store and let one of our trained Sleep Specialists show you how to create the mattress of your dreams.

See for yourself

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