The Perfect Pillow

The Perfect Pillow

It’s hard enough choosing the right color pillowcases. How do you choose the right pillow? Do you need something squishy or firm, lean or thick, one or many?

Here is our guide to finding the perfect Sage Sleep pillow.

Most of our pillows are made with the option of soft, medium, or firm, and are produced from a variety of organic materials. Whichever pillow you choose, we guarantee you and your body will be happy with the choice you make.

A pillow's main job is to align and support your head and neck with your spine. When you sleep, you're giving your neck a rest from its day-to-day strain. You  need a pillow that fits your needs based on the way you sleep. There are three main types of sleepers: back, stomach, and side.

Stomach Sleeper: These sleepers have their necks in a neutral position as they sleep, and often don’t need a pillow to prevent strain. If you're a stomach sleeper and don’t feel complete without a pillow, however, a thin and soft pillow is usually best. If your pillow is too thick or too plump, it can cause a pinched neck. The best pillow for a stomach sleeper is usually a softer one.

Our Down Alternative pillow is a great choice for stomach sleepers. This pillow creates a unique cradle that keeps the head in a neutral position. The Down Alternative pillow feels just like down, but avoids the allergenic and housekeeping issues found with bird downs. If you want the feel of down but can’t tolerate an allergic reaction or just want a more affordable alternative, then this pillow is right for you.

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