How to Create a Bedroom You and Your Partner Both Will Love

How to Create a Bedroom You and Your Partner Both Will Love

Sharing your bed and bedroom isn’t always easy. There’s a good chance you and your partner may have different ideas on everything from the form to function and even comfort of your shared space. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have the bedroom of both your dreams!

Here are a few tips on creating a bedroom both you and your partner will love.

Get Aligned

If your idea of a dream bedroom is a Zen oasis where you spend time reading, meditating, and sleeping in on Sundays, while your partner’s dream bedroom is a bold space that doubles as a work-from-home-office and TV viewing room, there’s bound to be some discord.

Before you start shopping for new bedding or looking at paint swatches, take the time to work together as a couple to identify the following:

  • How do you want the bedroom to feel? 
  • What moods should it evoke?
  • What activities will be done in the bedroom?
  • What activities are a no-go in the bedroom?
  • Are there any design styles or elements you want to include?

It’s very unlikely that you and your partner will be on the same page right off the bat here. Don’t worry if you’re worlds apart in your answers. Instead of providing one answer for each question, provide two or even three. You and your partner may start finding common ground on the mood, feel, function, and design elements as your lists get larger.

Choose a Color Palette to Match Your Mood

Now that you’re in agreement, or at least happily compromised, on how you want your bedroom to feel, find a color palette that matches the mood you’re trying to reach.

  • Create a calm, relaxing vibe with light green or blue shades
  • Create a romantic hideaway vibe with dark or dramatic colors
  • Create an energized vibe with bright reds, oranges, or yellows

Can’t come to an agreement on the mood or vibe of the room? Neutral colors like white, off-white, cream, gray, and tan can still make a room lovely and interesting. Just be sure to vary the patterns and textures of those neutrals.

Combine Design Styles for a Look that’s Uniquely “You”

What happens when you’re dreaming of a rustic farmhouse bedroom but your partner is lusting over an industrial modern look? Whenever the two of you have two completely different design styles, there’s no reason for one of you to win while the other completely compromises.

Instead, merge your two styles together to create a space that’s as unique as you are.

Are there any elements your two styles share? Make those elements the starting point and repeat them throughout the space. Some examples of design styles that share common elements include:

  • Farmhouse + Industrial: wood, cast iron, exposed brick, and neutral colors
  • Bohemian + Scandinavian: celebrate nature, textures, natural materials like jute or wicker
  • Mid-century Modern + Coastal: wood, glass, bright white, organic shapes

Create a Sleeping Space that’s Customized for Comfort

Are you and your partner are the exact size, shape, and age? Do you sleep in the exact same position? Probably not. Which means your mattress, pillows, and bedding may be better suited for one of you than the other.

There’s no reason for one or both of you to compromise on your quality of sleep. 

Customize your pillows. Find a pillow that can be customized for each of you, like a Sage Sleep Original Side Sleeper pillow. If a pillow is too high or too flat you can wake up with neck or back pain. You can remove or add more of the all-natural materials, called the loft, in a Sage Sleep Side Sleeper pillow to get it to the right height for your body. Even better, the Side Sleeper pillow is naturally dust-mite resistant and can last up to 10 years. (A conventional pillow needs to be replaced every 1 to 2 years.) Despite its name, the Side Sleeper pillow isn’t just for side sleepers; it also makes sleeping on your back more comfortable, too.

Add a topper to your mattress. If you and your partner aren’t equally comfortable in your bed, a mattress topper could be the solution to mattress inequity. A wool topper can add an extra layer of softness and temperature regulation, for example. A latex topper, on the other hand, can add a layer of buoyancy that can relieve discomfort on pressure points.

Choose natural materials. Lastly, ditch synthetic bedding for natural materials. Wool is the wunderkind of temperature control; it pulls moisture away from your body, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Linen, organic cotton, bamboo, and natural latex are all materials found in mattresses, pillows, sheets, and bedding that can help both you and your partner sleep better.

Create a Bedroom You’ll Both Love

Still struggling to identify exactly what you need to create a bedroom you’ll both love? You can’t go wrong with creating a space that’s designed around relaxing restorative sleep and romantic time between the sheets. You have the rest of your house to find a spot to work, workout, or be creative. Your bedroom is a special place for you and your partner to reconnect and rest; a space you both should love.

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