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The Devotion Mattress by Sage Sleep

The Devotion Mattress by Sage Sleep

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The Sage Sleep Devotion is a customizable, two-sided organic mattress made from natural latex featuring one sculpted surface side and one flat side. 


An all-natural-latex mattress that is naturally free of dust mites; excellent for those with allergies or asthma. Featuring a certified-organic wool and certified-organic cotton cover. 


7” height. Handmade in California


Sage Sleep Devotion Mattress 

  • All natural, allergen-free rubber latex
  • GOTS-certified organic wool batting
  • GOTS-certified cotton knit cover with GOTS-certified wool and .4” of GOLS-certified natural rubber inside for a more consistent surface feel
  • An almost motion-free sleep experience
  • Metal-free = no EMF concerns
  • Closed cover — no zipper
  • Naturally dust-mite resistant

Devotion Natural Latex Mattress Benefits

The Sage Sleep Devotion is an excellent choice for those looking for:
  • Two surface choices: Flat or sculpted
  • All-natural rubber latex construction
  • The ultimate in pressure-point relief (ridges lift the body up for contact with less of the mattress’s surface area, considerably reducing pain and preventing tossing and turning)
  • Increased air flow (ridges help warm sleepers sleep cooler)
  • A closed zipper-free cover that is more taut for less body impression (lightweight sleepers won’t roll toward a heavier person in cases where there is not side-by-side customization)
  • Freedom from dust mites
  • A mattress made with all certified organic materials
  • An almost motion-free sleep experience
  • The opportunity for firm support with no innerspring mattress
  • A mattress that “grows" with children as their firmness needs change, from crib to college
  • A certified organic mattress that utilizes wool as its only flame retardant

Can be used on a platform or adjustable bed, box-spring, or wood-slat foundation.

Sage Sleep's Devotion Latex Mattress comes with a 100-night guarantee and 20-year limited warranty. Shop online, or visit a Sage Sleep retail location and let one of our sleep experts fit you to the perfect natural or organic mattress. You're going to love your Sage Sleep mattress.

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