Sleep and Beyond comforter DORM COLLECTION
Sleep and Beyond comforter DORM COLLECTION

Sleep & Beyond - myComforter Light

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  • Is looking for an eco-friendly comforter for warmer regions
  • Has allergies to down and polyester and is looking for a healthier alternative
  • Is looking for a long-term investment in their quality of sleep and overall health

Wool acts like a Thermos — even sheep don't get cold on bitterly freezing, snowy days or hot on a sweltering summer’s day in the pasture. Their wondrously created wool fibers insulate them, as the myComforter insulates us. Sleeping cooler in summer and warmer in winter is a dream come true!


  • Is perfect for warmer seasons and climates, or for those who keep their bedroom temperature cool, from 69°F to 74°F
  • Gently drapes around the body while snuggled, soothing, peaceful sleep continues uninterrupted
  • Keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Regulates body temperature by ensuring that the body gets to a comfortable sleeping temperature more quickly and stays there longer
  • Breathes more naturally than down or synthetic products
  • Quickly wicks away moisture without making you feel cold or clammy. Less time is spent tossing and turning
  • Comes in eco-friendly packaging
  • Lasts for many years with proper care


  • Filled with 100% washable wool
  • Encased in 100%-natural cotton sateen (300 thread count)
  • Eco-friendly reusable packaging