Uncompromising Quality

We are of the opinion that good, healthy, chemical-free sleep should be simple. Their pure and simple ingredients are the secret to pressure-relieving power and unique comfort.

Sage Sleep organic bedding products are naturally better for you and the environment. We believe natural fibers and non-toxic materials are less invasive to the body, leading to a better, healthier night's sleep.

We have searched the globe for the finest and most certified organic and natural materials and best manufacturers to bring our inspiration to you. The certified organic material used in each product comes from renewable resources and are always certified by third party agencies.

Always Non-Toxic

Most mattresses in the United States are soaked in flame retardant chemicals to meet government safety standards. In fact, flame resistant chemicals are found throughout our homes. They are used in furniture, clothing and carpeting to name just a few.

These chemicals are highly toxic when absorbed into your body. Some of these toxins never leave your system once they are introduced and will continue to accumulate with each exposure. With one third of our lives spent sleeping the chance for toxic buildup within our body becomes a huge concern.

Sage Sleep organic bedding and mattresses help you reduce that toxic exposure. Our mattress sleep systems provide safety by adhering to strict fire resistive government standards. We comply with these standards by utilizing natural resistive materials that have been proven by nature, thus allowing you to keep toxic chemicals out of your nest.

One-of-a-Kind Latex Rubber

It’s hard to find a latex mattress owner who doesn’t love this sleeping surface. It is sometimes described as the happy medium between a traditional innerspring mattress and a memory foam product. Latex is firm and breathable like a spring mattress, but can also conform to the body like memory foam.    

The inherent properties of latex create an elastic surface that molds to the body, relieves pressure and maintains airflow. Organic latex is hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to dust mites, mold and mildew.

Are you concerned about longevity?

We are too.

That is why we utilize The Dunlop Process. This method of forming the latex into a mattress prevents breakdown over time, ensuring a long lasting mattress that consistently welcomes you each night by enveloping you in comfort. If you are tired of replacing your worn-out mattress every five years then it is time for a change.

Signature Organic Cotton

We wrap our organic latex in our signature organic cotton fabric. This luxurious breathable organic cotton enhances the function of the organic rubber latex, removing pressure from the hips and shoulders, and embracing you as you rest.

Temperature Regulating Wool

Wool fibers create a lining of still air, one of the best insulators found in nature. These little pockets of air create a dry layer of air next to your skin to hold in heat during colder months and cool your body as outdoor temperatures rise.

Evaporation of moisture is our body’s natural way of keeping cool. Wool helps this process along by drawing moisture from the body during sleep, absorbing it into cells, and reducing skin temperature. When you’re cooler, you toss and turn less often, and sleep more soundly in a deeper REM state.