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Natural Pillows

~ Made in CA. Hypoallergenic. Allergy-friendly. Custom Comfort. ~

Get Back to Nature

~ Natural Materials ~

Sage Sleep pillows are handcrafted in CA from all-natural and certified materials like natural latex, wool, silk, and organic cotton.

Organic Cotton

Certified organic cotton is a breathable, durable material perfect for pillows and bedding. Our organic cotton is GOTS-certified : an eco-friendly material farmed without toxic pesticides and herbicides.

Natural Latex

Natural latex comes from a sustainable resource: the sap of the rubber tree. Our shredded latex pillows are hypo-allergenic, dustmite resistant, mildew resistant, and completely customizable for a perfect fit.


Silk offers the luxurious feel of down without the feathers and allergens. Silk is excellent for temperature regulation, keeping you sleeping cool no matter how hot or humid the weather.

Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights

~ Get the perfect pillow for a perfect night's sleep ~

Side Sleepers

When you sleep on your side you need a pillow that will fit into the space between your neck and mattress to align your spine.

Back Sleepers

A pillow that's too-high or too-flat is disaster for someone who sleeps on their back — a medium-firm pillow is best to keep neck pain at bay. 

Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach means sleeping with your face and neck twisted to the side. Any amount of height can cause pain in this position.

Customize the Perfect Pillow

Many of our Sage Sleep pillows can be customized to fit your preferred sleeping position, ensuring the perfect fit for you.

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