Our Story


If you peeked behind the curtain of many leading mattress companies today, you’d find traces of Sage Sleep in nearly all of their fabric.

That’s because Sage Sleep’s founder Brandy Alvis is an industry leader in organic mattress manufacturing, responsible raw materials sourcing, and has helped many of the successful organic bedding companies build their business with her knowledge and expertise.


Nobody knows healthy sleep like Brandy, and her vision for Sage Sleep is to provide a custom and quality sleep experience that requires no sacrifice in comfort. She believes the foundation of a healthy life starts with quality sleep, and that everyone deserves to healthy bedding that promotes well-being and provides better quality sleep.

Meet Brandy


Our family of sleep specialists are trained and armed with all the knowledge you’d expect from one of the founding mavens of the healthy sleep movement. Every one of Sage Sleep’s highly trained sleep specialists can confidently guide you toward the solutions that will relieve pain, increase comfort, and fit you to the custom sleep solutions that will help you sleep like a baby.


Our mattress and bedding collections utilize what mother nature provides, and are naturally better for you and the environment. The certified organic material used in each product comes from renewable resources and are always certified by third party agencies.

We believe natural fibers and materials are less invasive to the body thus leading to a better night's sleep. We have searched the globe for the finest and most certified organic and natural materials. New partnerships and collaborations with some of the best manufacturers have allowed our inspirations to come to fruition.