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If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t given much thought to what’s inside your pillow or how that pillow is made. Hey, who could blame you? You’ve got important things to worry about, like keeping your family safe and healthy. 

At Sage Sleep, we obsess over what’s inside your pillow. Because we know that you spend up to ⅓ of your life in your bed and that the pillows, mattresses, and bedding you sleep on could have an impact on your health and wellbeing. 

Basically, we worry about your pillow so you don’t have to.

We’ve spent years laser-focused on every tiny detail that makes a pillow great. And in our family-owned manufacturing facility in Northern California, we’ve perfected the process for creating pillows out of natural materials that are nontoxic and banish the back pain, neck pain, allergens, and the sleepless nights that are a side-effect of sleeping on the wrong pillow.

How is a Sage Sleep Pillow Made?

In case you are a little bit curious about why our customers rave about the “life-changing” results they get from sleeping on a Sage Sleep pillow, we want to give you a little peek behind the curtain. You’re invited to see exactly how our best-selling pillow gets made!

Every Pillow Starts with Natural Raw Materials

Every Sage Sleep pillow begins its journey as raw natural materials harvested out in this big, beautiful world of ours. 

In the fertile farmland of the Sonoma County Coast, a herd of sheep grazes on fresh grasses underneath the warm rays of the California sun. 

In Sri Lanka, a rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) is sustainably tapped and the liquid latex drips out for harvesting, in the same way maple syrup is removed from a maple tree. This liquid latex will be transformed into a buoyant and supportive sheet of latex ready to be used in natural pillows, mattresses, and mattress toppers.

In Texas, certified organic cotton is grown in a way that is sustainable for both farmers and consumers, removing the health risks that arise from agricultural chemicals present in growing “conventional” cotton. 

And in Colorado, hemp farmers are cultivating some of the nation’s first organic hemp. Hemp has four times the strength of cotton, resists bacterial growth, and really breathes, making it an excellent material for bedding.

All of these natural, nontoxic materials are sent to our family-owned manufacturing facility here in Northern California, where they are transformed into our best-selling Sage Sleep pillows.

Inside Our Manufacturing Process

The raw liquid latex that was tapped from a rubber tree was transformed using a technique known as the Dunlap method that whips the liquid latex into a solid sheet of bouncy, springy latex. We take 2-inch sheets of rubber, slice them, and shred them to get the tiny pieces that go into our pillows.

Our manufacturing facility uses a special machine for the process that ensures every sheet of latex is consistently sliced and shredded, resulting in rubber pieces that are the same shape, size, and firmness in every pillow.

From there, our uniformly shredded latex is mixed with either natural potato starch or kapok fibers, depending on the pillow. It all gets fluffed and mixed together - it’s like watching your clothes fluff inside an industrial-sized dryer!

Then our team fills each pillow cover, made from organic cotton and hemp fibers, with the latex and fiber loft (filling). To be more exact, our team OVER fills each pillow to create a pillow that is completely customizable. We’ll touch a bit more on that later.

Finally, our pillows are roll-packed for easy shipping and slipped into a cotton bag that can be reused by our end customer. 

When you get your pillow at home, you remove it from the bag, and the entire pillow fluffs back up after it’s removed from the packaging! 

Now you get the fun part: customizing your pillow to accommodate your individual body and sleeping needs. Simply remove as much loft (filling) as you need to get the right height and firmness from your pillow. 

Since your Sage Sleep pillow can last up to ten years (yes, 10 years!), stash your removed loft in the cotton bag that arrived with your pillow -- you may want to add some back later if your body or sleeping style changes in the future.

Why Consistency is Crucial for Comfort

Why have we invested so heavily in consistency throughout our manufacturing process? After all, many of our competitors are taking the scraps from natural latex mattresses and toppers and using them as pillow filling. While that may be a sustainable solution for utilizing manufacturing scraps, we don’t believe it is the right solution for creating a pillow that helps you sleep better. 

Our process, honed over years of obsessing over every detail and with feedback from every customer, results in a consistent pillow that is the same weight, firmness, and with the same ratio of fiber to fill every single time. 

So when a customer tells us that our pillow has put an end to years of neck and back pain, or that they no longer wake up with tingling hands or arms, or that they’re simply getting the best sleep of their lives, we know that we can confidently deliver that same level of comfort to the next customer.

Now that you’ve taken a look at the work that goes behind every single Sage Sleep pillow, there’s no better time to experience one for yourself! Get a luxury Sage Sleep pillow and experience the best sleep you’ve ever had with a pillow that will last you for years to come. 



Behind the scenes video of Sage Sleep pillows being made at our Northern California Facility


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