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Sleep & Beyond — myDual Cresent



Standard Queen
Product description
Sleep and Beyond dual-sided pillow


  • This pillow helps with the physical support of the CPAP mask worn by the person with sleep apnea in a way that can make the mask more comfortable (depends on the person and type of CPAP mask used and individual results may vary).
  • This pillow does not help with or cure sleep apnea. It helps with the support and comfort of the mask worn delivering the CPAP only.


  • The ultimate 2-in-1 100%-natural adjustable and washable dual side pillow for the best night's sleep.
  • Provides three necessary sleep benefits: health, support, and comfort.
  • Provides extra support and pressure relief for the neck, shoulders, and spine.
  • Ergonomically contours to the shape of the body and promotes proper spine alignment.
  • 100% adjustable, available in high loft. Simply add or remove woolly puffs to achieve the ideal support level.
  • Shape it, bend it, or position the woolly puffs inside to match your sleep needs.
  • Eliminate the overheating and night sweats common with down, feather, foam, or synthetic fills.
  • Experience the countless benefits of wool.
  • Naturally hypoallergenic.


  • Encased in 100%-natural cotton sateen (300TC).
  • Filled with Woolly Puffs™, pearl-sized puffs of soft, springy 100%-natural Shropshire wool.
  • Comes with two pillowcases:
    • A 100%-natural cotton sateen 300TC pillow case. Wash this pillow case as often as you desire.
    • A washable wool-filled quilted pillow case for long-term care and superior sleep comfort.
  • Weight: High loft
  • Machine washable
  • 5-year warranty


The pillow gently elevates and suspends the face over the sleep surface preventing damage to the delicate skin around the eyes and cheekbones, removing the possibility of deep-seated wrinkles.

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