The Harmony Mattress by Sage Sleep
The Harmony Mattress by Sage Sleep

The Harmony Mattress by Sage Sleep

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The Sage Sleep Harmony customizable organic mattress combines natural latex with pocketed recycled-steel coils for a firm feel with a bit of "spring" to it! Our firmest and most affordable customizable organic mattress.

What sets this mattress apart though is the choice between Plush and Firm pocketed coil units. The Harmony is covered in our certified organic mattress casing, with organic cotton and organic wool batting, a natural flame barrier that promotes a cool sleep.

11" height.

Handmade in CA.

Sage Sleep Harmony Organic Latex Mattress

The Harmony is designed to be both comfortable and durable. We wanted to create an organic mattress option that was more affordable without sacrificing the benefits of customization. 

A good choice for those looking for:
  • A firmer mattress
  • An affordable natural mattress
  • A firm feel that has a bit of “spring” or liveliness to it — not as dense as all-latex
  • The perfect mattress for heavier sleepers
  • A mattress made with all certified organic materials
  • Medium-firm coils with a choice of firmness in the natural-rubber top layer (plush or firm)
  • An innerspring mattress that can be used on a platform or adjustable bed without a box-spring or wood-slat foundation
  • A certified organic mattress that utilizes wool as its only flame retardant

Harmony Customizable Organic Mattress Features

  • Certified organic natural latex
  • Recycled steel springs
  • Customizable — swap components out as sleep needs change for decades of use
  • Heat-treated, precompressed wire holds its shape and provides a durable, consistent sleep surface
  • 8” Bolsa® pocket coils individually encased in biodegradable potato-starch fabric
  • 3” natural-rubber layer on top (plush or firm)
  • GOTS-certified organic cotton cover
  • GOTS-certified organic wool batting
  • Medium-firm coils
  • Our firmest mattress
  • Our most affordable mattress
  • GOTS-certified organic cotton knit cover with GOTS-certified wool and .4” of GOLS-certified natural rubber inside for a consistent surface feel
  • Can be used on a platform or adjustable bed, box spring, or wood-slat foundation


Try it for yourself! Visit one of our Sage Sleep locations to try the Harmony organic mattress. Buy with peace of mind—Sage Sleep offers no-hassle returns up to 100 days and a 20-year limited warranty to protect your mattress for years to come.

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