Your Body Restored: The Importance of the Right Mattress

Your Body Restored: The Importance of the Right Mattress

We all know that having a comfortable mattress is one key to a good night's sleep. But how important is the right mattress?

After years of curating our expert opinion (owner Brandy Alvis has been in the eco-friendly mattress business for over 10 years) about sleeping on a quality all-natural mattress, we've gathered our top three reasons for the importance of the right mattress.

  1. One Third of Your Life Is Spent Sleeping

You spend a third of your life sleeping. This means that over 30% of your life is spent in either NREM or REM sleep. (For more information about sleep patterns, visit How Sleep Works by the National Sleep Foundation.) In these modes of sleep, your body shuts down into a relaxed and immobile state. Your muscles and brain are restored, and your body is being prepared to support daytime activities. If you're not sleeping on a well-made, restorative mattress, you're messing with your sleep (keep in mind sleep takes up a huge chunk of your life), therefore messing with your overall life performance.

  1. Restoration Time

As seen above, sleep is a time to restore your body. Of all the places and times in your life, sleep is the one area in which your body and mind are not distracted or stressed. If you don’t have the right mattress, you're disturbing that suspended time of restoration and causing more pain and stress to your body. This time also needs to be spent in a toxin-free environment. If you're sleeping on a mattress full of toxic chemicals, your body is unable to fully rest and relax. Sleeping on a quality all-natural mattress can ensure a toxin-free night's sleep that supports your body and mind.

  1. You Deserve It

The last, yet most important, point is simply that you deserve it! Your body takes care of you throughout your entire day and your life, and it deserves to rest and be restored to its fullest potential. As a woman (our main demographic), you're a caretaker of both others and yourself — a hard and stressful job that takes a toll on your wellbeing. The only way to fully restore your body is to treat it well with a toxin-free natural mattress to retain your health and overall wellness. When you take time to find the right mattress and care for yourself, the more you are able to offer the world.

As stated by our founder, Brandy Alvis: “Sleep well, be well."

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