Sage Sleep is on a Mission to Support and Empower Women

You may know that Sage Sleep makes non-toxic bedding and mattresses to help people live healthier. But what you probably don't know is that the Sage Sleep brand is on a mission to empower and support women.

Take a moment to meet the amazing women building the brand, the women-centric mission behind Sage Sleep, and the incredible opportunities Sage Sleep is providing for women everywhere.

Meet Brandy Alvis

Brandy Alvis owner Sage Sleep

Brandy Alvis is the founder of Sage Sleep. Brandy built a career in the mattress industry, spending decades traveling the world, sourcing raw materials and building relationships with suppliers. Her expertise was sought out by mattress manufacturers and she had a hand in developing mattresses for many of the big-name brands you know today.

After decades of developing mattresses for other brands, Brandy decided to take what she knew and create her own line of non-toxic mattresses and bedding. And Sage Sleep was born.

Brandy knew the Sage Sleep brand had to be non-toxic, natural, and health-supportive. 

“I developed the Sage Sleep mattress and bedding collection with one goal in mind. Healthy sleep that's free from toxic chemicals.” - Brandy Alvis

Brandy opened her flagship retail location in Auburn, CA and began working with wholesale partners to get her natural, non-toxic bedding into the world. But supporting people’s health with non-toxic bedding was only part of her overall vision.

Because, while her natural and nontoxic bedding products supported women with better, healthier sleep, Brandy knew that the Sage Sleep brand could support women in bigger ways, too.

Earlier in her life, while Brandy had been building her career and earning her creds as the natural bedding “Sage”, she also raised two sons. She knew the difficulties that working moms face trying to do it all: build a business, raise children, and take care of her own health.

Brandy was inspired to use the Sage Sleep brand to help other women and to provide opportunities that would lift up and empower other women.

Sage Sleep Franklin was her first opportunity to do just that.

Meet Heidi Redmond

Heidi Redmond is the co-owner of Sage Sleep Franklin, located in Franklin, Tennessee.

Behind Heidi’s bright smile and warm, welcoming vibe is a back story of hurt and redemption. 

Early in adulthood, Heidi experienced loss, heartache, and a health scare. Through it all, she persevered: learning to love herself and to nurture her body with a holistic, natural, and organic lifestyle. Heidi had her first taste of entrepreneurship as a health coach, helping other women learn the tools they needed to live healthier, more organic lives.

When Heidi met Brandy, an idea began to form.

Heidi’s parents were making the move from California to Tennessee. Heidi’s dad, Gregg, had experienced the truly life-changing power of the Sage Sleep pillow and felt called to bring that pillow to the people of Tennessee. Heidi planned on joining them on a new adventure but wasn’t quite sure what the future had in store for her in a new home just outside of Nashville.

With Brandy’s support, Heidi and her parents opened a Sage Sleep store in Franklin, on America’s Main Street. 

Brandy wanted Heidi to have an ownership opportunity and helped the Redmonds set up their store in a way that would allow Heidi to be more than just an employee.

“I knew my mom would do the accounting and numbers side of everything, my dad is the super outgoing one, and I was ready with lots of knowledge and passion for the health side of teaching others the benefits of organic living,” says Heidi.

Heidi has been operating her Franklin Sage Sleep store for two years, with the support and help of her parents, Brandy, and the Sage Sleep brand.

“My biggest support is Brandy, learning from her in this business has been the biggest blessing. Before we moved, I was able to spend a lot of time with her traveling to Market and various business trips, learning the ins and outs and finding my own voice and understanding in it.” - Heidi Redmond

Heidi and her parents love the community they’ve found in Franklin and the adventure of running their family-owned organic bedding store. 

“It is so much fun, very rewarding, even if it has its challenges from time to time. We all are pretty set in our ways, a little stubborn, and like any family, have our moments. Those challenges don't come up often, but when they do we've learned the communication is key. And we have way too much fun working together to sweat the small stuff,” says Heidi.

A Growing Opportunity to Support Women

As the Sage Sleep brand continues to grow and expand, so do the opportunities to support women.

Brandy has assembled an incredible team of women (and men) to build and support her brand, from California to Tennessee. Sage Sleep uses factories that are family-owned to manufacture its natural, non-toxic products, providing support for the women who own and are employed at these facilities and ensuring their family-owned businesses remain in operation.

As the Sage Sleep brand continued to grow, Heidi’s Franklin store caught the attention of social media influencers. As these influencers shared their love for the Sage Sleep products, most notably the Sage Sleep pillows and adult baby blankets, demand for these products grew. 

And Brandy saw another opportunity to help even more women use her non-toxic products to achieve their own versions of success.

Sage Sleep Pillow

It may not be practical for everyone to open up their own retail store with the full support of Brandy’s business and bedding experience.

But it IS possible to put the Sage Sleep flagship products into the hands of women who want to earn more money and have more freedom while sharing their sincere passion for healthy, organic living with Sage Sleep’s natural bedding solutions.

As Sage Sleep continues to evolve, Brandy’s mission remains the same:

To empower and support women with her line of non-toxic bedding products.

Sage Sleep is proud to be owned by, operated by, and supporting women. Because everyone deserves healthier, better sleep. And all women deserve the opportunity to take ownership of their health, income, and lives.