Could a Mattress Topper be the Secret to a Better Night's Sleep?

mattress topper for better sleep

Sure, you’d love to get a new mattress. But not today.

Maybe your mattress is only a few years old and there’s absolutely no sense in getting rid of something that works just fine. After all, there’s a good chance that mattress is just going to wind up in a landfill, and that’s just wasteful.

Or maybe you’re in a temporary living situation and buying bedroom furniture right now doesn’t make a bit of sense, like if you’re:

  • About to graduate from college
  • Staying with a relative as a caretaker
  • Living somewhere temporarily for work

Don’t buy a new mattress if yours is still new and works well. Don’t buy one if you don’t know where you’re going to be sleeping in six months or even a year. 

But just because you’re not in the market for a new mattress doesn’t mean you can’t make a small investment to make your bed comfier, cozier, more supportive, and all-around healthier, too.

Instead - let’s talk about a mattress topper. Especially if...

You’re Sleeping on a Memory Foam Mattress

You may have heard that memory foam and synthetic foam mattresses could be releasing toxins into your home.

Even some memory foam beds marketed as “green” or “eco-friendly” aren’t as clean and nontoxic as they’d lead you to believe. (In case you didn’t know - the healthiest mattresses are made from natural materials like latex, not synthetic materials like foam, even if it is marketed as eco-friendly.)

Unfortunately for a lot of us — we become aware of the health dangers of synthetic foam mattresses while we’re still sleeping on… (you guessed it)... synthetic foam mattresses.

That mattress was a big investment. 

And no one expects you to throw it in the trash because you’ve suddenly become aware of its potential health hazards.

You can, however, reduce your exposure to these harmful chemicals by putting a layer of natural latex between you and your synthetic foam mattress.

That’s right, a latex mattress topper is the perfect nontoxic barrier to put between you and your less-healthy synthetic foam mattress.

Your Mattress Is Too Firm

Petty crimes aside, Goldilocks was on to something.

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where your mattress just isn’t right.

Have you ever woken stiff and sore, positive that if your mattress were only a little softer, you’d sleep like a baby. Or sleep like a Goldie — before the bears showed up.

Turns out that a super firm mattress isn’t as great for you as it was once thought.

But, no need to despair. A natural latex mattress topper could be just the ticket.

That little bit of extra cushion can go a long way to making sure that you get the right support where you need it. 

Your Mattress is Too Soft

You heard correct.

A mattress topper can even help when your mattress is too soft. 

But, hold on there a minute. Isn’t a soft mattress what we’re all supposed to be looking for?

The answer is a resounding: maybe.

Everyone needs different levels of support while they’re sleeping. Our bodies come in different sizes and shapes. We all like to sleep in different positions. And an overly soft (or lumpy!) mattress isn’t going to feel very good to most of us.

If you feel like you need climbing gear to get out of bed in the morning, or like your lower back has been hit by a cement truck while you’re sleeping...

a mattress topper can help give you the support you need.

A mattress topper made with natural latex can give you more lift, align your spine, and keep you from sagging in your sleep — meaning less pain for you.

All it takes is a few inches of latex to counteract that overly-soft mattress.

You Sleep Too Hot

If you’ve got memory foam mattress, we’d be willing to bet that you’ve gotten used to waking up in a sweat-drenched tangle of dripping sheets.

Memory foam = sleeping hot. (Not our opinion. It’s science. Did you know that polyurethane foam is used to insulate buildings?)

Now, if your mattress is brand new, or you’re just not financially ready to make the switch to a natural, organic mattress, a mattress topper could be just the thing to help you sleep cooler.

Mattress toppers made with natural latex and are the best choice for cooler, more healthful sleep. Natural latex is a porous material that allows for airflow, keeping you cooler at night.

Can a Mattress Topper Help Your Mattress Last Longer?

Buying a brand new mattress isn’t always the answer to your sleep problems.

The sad truth is that too many mattresses end up in landfills as it is. If your mattress is fairly new and (mostly) works for you, we’d hate to see you toss it unnecessarily.

But you DO deserve the healthiest, most comfortable, supportive bed you can get.

And if a new mattress isn’t in the cards right now, you CAN make your bed a lovely oasis of coziness.

We invite you to check out our selection of mattress toppers at Sage Sleep. Our mattress toppers are made with natural latex with a soft, breathable organic cotton cover. 

Not only will they support you in all the right places, but they’ll also keep you cool and worry-free.

Even Goldilocks would agree… a mattress topper can be the key to getting your bed just right.