How a Cannabis Concierge and CBD Helped Me Sleep Better and Survive Pandemic Stress

As many of you know, I dealt with some health issues that lead me to find CBD as an alternative to traditional western medicine. I was very fortunate to have had great doctors and a wonderful support system and was able to get through this season of my life without any long-term negative health effects. CBD was a major factor in getting me here.

Discovering the Health Benefits of CBD

Back in 2019, I was hyper-focused on treating this medical issue at hand, but it took many months to realize that CBD has some great side benefits.  I was sleeping better than ever, my digestion system was working so well, and my overall moods seemed to be much more regulated. During the 9 months I was taking large amounts of CBD daily to treat a medical condition, I was focused on the healing benefits of the plant. However, I was not paying too much attention to the wonderful side benefits of taking CBD daily.

How a Cannabis Concierge Helped Me Get the Most Out of CBD

@kellygreenshop cannabis concierge CBD expert

Cannabis concierge @kellygreenshop

Fast forward to Mid-2020; we were all deep in COVID lockdown, I closed the Auburn store, and my personal mental health was suffering. I think we can all relate to that.... It was a very stress-full time for most of us. My friend and trusted CBD resource, KellyGreen, recommended that I look at CBD for daily use.  After all, with my previous health challenges she knew that I needed to be more focused on preventing inflammation in my body.  I was dumbfounded that I hadn't thought to turn to Kelly and CBD in this time of extreme stress since I knew personally the overall benefits of CBD. Sometimes you need friends to point out the obvious, and I am so glad she did.  

KellyGreen's recommendations for me were different now.  The major health challenges were behind me and I needed a product that can help me sleep well so my body can recover properly at night so I may live my best life.  If you know anything about me, SLEEP is my passion. Helping others sleep well is my life's work and here I was not sleeping as well as I needed to be... and my quality of life was indeed suffering. She recommended a sleep tincture for me and it made all the difference. She connected me to and I was able to everything delivered to my home. 


Kelly is an interior designer turned cannabis product designer who shares her experiences using cannabis so that others might find solutions to everyday wellness challenges. From post work-out pain to sleep. Kelly can tell you what product she has tried and what has worked for her. Kelly is sharing her experience and advice with other women and how to navigate these new cannabis waters. She recommends books to read, websites to visit, and products she loves and is a trusted resource for anyone trying cannabis. She is basically a concierge for people exploring cannabis and CBD. Kelly's primary focus is on women. She has access to the best cannabis and CBD brands on the market (many of them also female-owned)  and based on what her clients personal needs are can point them to the most reliable and cleanest products on the market.  The CBD market has been flooded with brands, many of which are just not effective.  Whenever possible, I'd rather look to find an expert to shorten the learning curve than try to figure it out on my own.  Time is our most precious resource and I am not willing to waste is trying to vet products on my own. I have learned that its always beneficial to trust the experts, and Kelly is just that, and expert in the field of cannabis and CBD.

I have sent friends and family her way for advice and she has always gone above and beyond.  She even can deliver product to you if you happen to live in the Auburn area.  If you are interested in learning more about cannabis and/or CBD for sleep you should reach out to her. 

If you are cannabis curious or want to know more about selecting the right cannabis products to support your health, sleep, and wellness, connect with kellygreenshop on Instagram or at