5 Times When You Need a Mattress Topper, Not a New Mattress

A mattress topper could be the answer to a more comfortable night's sleep — and a cost-effective way to get a few more years out of your mattress. Find out about 5 times when it may be better to buy a topper than a brand-new mattress.
5 Times When You Need a Mattress Topper, Not a New Mattress

A mattress is a big purchase. Not just in terms of size — if you’ve ever wrangled a king size bed up a set of stairs, you know this dearly — but in terms of cost.

When you purchase a mattress, you mean to keep it for years.

What can you do if your mattress is no longer working for you, but you’re not quite ready to get a new one?

A new mattress isn’t always the answer. (After all, there’s a good chance your old mattress will end up in a landfill. If you can get a little more use out of it, Planet Earth and all of her inhabitants will thank you.)

In fact, a little bump in comfort with, say, a mattress topper might be all you need to rekindle one of the most important relationships in your life: your relationship with your mattress.

So, when do you really just need a topper? 

Well, you might need one if...

Your Mattress is a Little Too Firm...

A firm mattress can be perfect — for some people. Stomach sleepers and people who weigh over 230 pounds often feel more comfortable with a firm or extra-firm mattress.

But if that’s not you and you’re sleeping on an overly-firm mattress, a topper could be the solution to a more comfortable night’s sleep.

And better for your back, too.

Research has shown that sleeping on a mattress that’s too firm can cause just as many problems as one that’s too soft.

Your mattress might be too firm if:

  • You’re waking up with upper-back pain
  • Your hips are sore and/or feel out of place

If your mattress is too firm, it might resolve itself after the break-in period — usually about two to three weeks. But if you’ve had it for a year or two, chances are that you just need a little extra cushion.

Try a mattress topper made from wool or cotton to add a layer of cushion-y softness to a mattress that's too firm for comfort.

...Or a Little Too Soft

A mattress that’s too soft isn’t likely to magically firm up. 

It can be hard to imagine a mattress that’s too soft. After all, don’t we all dream of a bed that’s soft as a cloud?

But an overly-soft mattress can be just as painful as one that’s overly firm.

Your mattress might be too soft if:

  • You suddenly have lower-back pain
  • You struggle to get in and out of bed
  • Your mattress gives you a “sinking” feeling

A mattress topper can add a supportive layer on top of your existing mattress and solve your overly-soft-mattress woes.

Not just any topper will do, however.

Look for a natural latex mattress topper. Natural latex is very supportive and buoyant. A few inches of latex is the perfect solution to a too-soft mattress. 

Your Mattress Sleeps Too Warm

One of the biggest complaints from owners of memory-foam mattresses is sleeping too hot. 

You’re tired of waking up drenched in sweat. But you’re not ready to go buy a new mattress just yet.

What to do?

Give a mattress topper a try.

We recommend looking for a topper made from natural latex — a porous material that allows for better air flow — and wool, which is Mother Nature’s #1 best-best temperature-regulating fiber.

Your Body Has Changed — Temporarily

There are all sorts of small, usually temporary ways your body might change that can impact how comfortable your mattress feels.

An injury, surgery, pregnancy, and changes in your weight can all disrupt your sleep experience.

No matter the cause, if you normally feel like Goldilocks on your mattress — it’s just right — there’s no reason to invest in a new mattress that you might need for only a short time. 

A mattress topper could be the perfect solution to a temporary sleep-disturbing physical situation. It could add a layer of support, softness, or temperature control right when you need it most.

You and Your Partner Have Different Firmness Needs

Does your partner sleep soundly on a mattress that’s too firm for you? 

Or maybe you’re sleeping deeply on a mattress that’s marshmallow-y soft and your partner is tossing and turning and complaining of lower-back pain.

A mattress topper could be a solution to ensure that you and your partner both sleep comfortably, no matter what your individual sleeping needs. 

Tip: If you have a king-size bed, a topper made for a Twin XL is exactly half the width of a standard king.

Does any of this sound like your sleep situation? If so, it could be a sign that it’s time to start looking at toppers for your mattress.

Mattress toppers are amazing inventions that can cheaply and effectively solve problems you thought were un-fixable — and help you extend the life of your mattress until you’re ready to purchase a new one.

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