The Best Place in Tennessee to Buy an Organic Mattress

Tennessee organic bedding store

So you’re interested in buying an organic mattress. 

That’s great!

You spend about one-third of your life in bed, so this is a pretty important decision.

You know that choosing an organic mattress is not only good for your health, but is also great for the environment.

Now that you’re ready to take the plunge and go organic, do you know where you’re going to get your organic mattress?

We can help you there.

Find Organic Mattresses at Franklin’s Historic Main Street

Middle Tennesseans know that Franklin’s historic Main Street is the place to go to find unique gifts, apparel, antiques, and home goods. 

But did you know Main Street is the perfect place to find an organic mattress and organic bedding for your Tennessee home?

Sage Sleep Franklin is located at 434 Main Street in Downtown Franklin, TN. 

Our sleep shop is stocked full of natural latex mattresses, pillows, and mattress toppers, luxurious organic sheet sets, the coziest comforters, and just about anything else you could want for a comfy, nontoxic bed. (Plus a delightful selection of local treasures!)

At Sage Sleep Franklin, you can rest easy (get it?) because here...

Materials Matter

You already know that what you’re sleeping on matters. That’s why you’re in the market for an organic mattress, right?

You’re ready to kick that memory-foam mattress to the curb and key its car.

We make our mattresses with nontoxic natural materials: organic and natural latex, organic wool, and organic cotton. 

And no chemical flame retardants. Ever.


What do we use instead?

Why, wool, of course!

Wool is the superstar of the organic bedding world. Nothing regulates your body temperature quite like it, meaning you sleep cool during those hot-and-humid Tennessee summers and cozy warm on cool winter nights.

Plus, wool eliminates the need for those nasty toxic flame-retardant chemicals you'll find in memory-foam mattresses. Because of the structure of the fibers, wool needs to reach about 570 - 600°F before it even thinks about lighting up. 

Temperature-regulating organic wool? Check.

Breathable, hypoallergenic natural latex? Check.

Soft, durable organic cotton? Check.

We’ve got it all, and you can, too.

You’re Guaranteed to Get the Perfect Mattress

You might be thinking, “Now just who do you think you are, making claims like that?”

That’s fair. 

But it’s not an exaggeration.

At Sage Sleep, our mattresses are completely customizable. Just unzip your mattress cover and you’ll find movable layers of that incredible natural latex.

You can arrange and rearrange the layers to your heart's content until you get a bed that feels right for you.

Can it get any better than that?

Answer: It sure can.

Your body changes over time for so many reasons:

  • Pregnancy
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Surgery
  • Injuries
  • Aging

Who says your mattress can’t adjust to meet those new needs?

Natural latex itself already has natural "spring," and conforms to your body without overheating. 

But being able to totally rearrange the layers to suit changing support needs is the icing on the cake.

We Have a Mattress for Every Budget

A mattress is a big purchase. But it’s an investment that can last for years. (More about this in a moment.)

You deserve a healthy, nontoxic, and natural mattress, no matter what your budget. Which is why you’ll find a wide range of styles and prices to fit your exact needs at our Franklin sleep shop. 

Shop from our own Sage Sleep nontoxic, natural, customizable mattresses or find a Naturepedic organic mattress for your home — you’re going to love our wide selection.

Did you know that mattresses made with natural latex can last way longer than the average memory-foam mattress lifespan of 8 to 10 years?

How much longer?

Well, how do an extra 10 years sound to you?

So, are we telling you that you can expect your organic mattress to last up 20 years?

Most likely — so long as you’re taking proper care of it, your organic latex mattress from Sage Sleep just might last as long as Dolly Parton’s career. 

Why Sage Sleep Franklin?

If you’re looking for an organic mattress, there’s no reason to look anywhere other than Sage Sleep.

Come visit our sleep shop on Main Street and let shop owners Gregg, Pamela, and Heidi help you find the perfect natural mattress for your Tennessee home.

We’re passionate about helping you find the right solution for the most comfortable, pain-free sleep you’ve ever had.