5 Reasons to Add an Organic Mattress to Your Tennessee Home

What comes to mind when you think “organic”? Probably kale, right? Or maybe a scratchy wool sweater. (It’s about to be sweater weather, y’all! Who’s ready for fall?)

But…organic mattresses? Isn’t that taking this healthy lifestyle thing a little too far?

I mean, would Johnny Cash have shopped for some high-falutin' organic mattress?

Mattresses have come a long way since the Man in Black graced the stage at the Opry. We’d be willing to bet that, if he were still around, Johnny probably would have himself an organic mattress.

We’ve got 5 good reasons anyone living in Tennessee should have an organic mattress:

You’ll Sleep Like an Opry Star

This just in: Organic mattresses are some of the most comfortable mattresses out there.

Why? Because they’re made with natural latex.

Latex mattresses are considered the créme de la créme of the mattress world. The height of luxury.

Made from the sap of rubber trees (havea brasiliensis), natural latex feels like sleeping on a cloud. It takes the load off of pressure points and is flexible enough to ensure your spine is properly aligned, no matter what position you sleep in.

Why not get the kind of sleep your favorite Nashvegas superstars would be jealous of?

Allergy-Free Sleep

Do you find yourself suffering from mysterious allergies regardless of the time of year?

Living in the gorgeous Nashville area, you’re blessed with incredible views and awe-inspiring nature almost everywhere you look. But for some of you, that can also mean year-round allergies. 

What’s that got to do with an organic mattress?

Natural latex, wool, and cotton (the materials used in most organic mattresses) are all 100% hypoallergenic.

That means they don’t harbor creepy-crawlies and nasties like dust mites, mold, or mildew that can exacerbate allergy symptoms like their more traditional counterparts.

Nontoxic Sleep

If a healthy, nontoxic home is a priority, then an organic mattress is a must.

Have you ever woken up feeling like you just got run over by a steamroller? You know you got your eight hours in, but still, you've got:

  • A headache
  • Itchy, watery eyes
  • A runny nose
  • Red or irritated skin
  • Brain fog
  • New aches and pains

If any of these sound like you in the morning, the VOCs (chemicals) in your trusty old memory-foam mattress might be starting to show. On you.

Ready to put on your rhinestone boots and kick that toxic relationship to the curb á la Carrie Underwood? 

It might be time to go organic.

Organic mattresses are made with chemical-free materials that come from nature, not some science lab.

That means you can drift off knowing that you’re not getting in bed with downright dangerous toxins. Plus, they don’t offgas harmful VOCs.

Spoiler: You know that “new mattress” smell some people love? Yeah, that smell is VOCs offgassing into your personal air. That’s just rude. And gross.

A Cooler Way to Sleep

Does summertime make you feel like you’re sleeping in a sauna or an unwilling participant in a warm hug you can’t escape from?

Tennessee summers can get so hot it’ll make your teeth sweat. 

With temps reaching over 90 degrees in July with oppressive humidity, it can be hard to get comfortable enough to sleep well. Especially if you’ve got a memory-foam mattress ― the extra heat can make memory foam even softer, and that can make you sleep even hotter than normal.

But there’s good news: Switching to an organic mattress can keep you a whole heck of a lot cooler at night. 

You see, natural materials like latex, cotton, and wool are well known for being breathable, allowing air to circulate around you. Plus, wool naturally wicks away moisture, meaning fewer night sweats. 

Keeping Tennessee Beautiful

We all know that mattresses, unfortunately, end up in landfills most of the time, right? But did you know that many more mattresses don’t make it even that far? 

So many old, worn-out mattresses end up in ditches on the side of the road or, worse, at the bottoms of lakes and rivers. This is not only harmful to the ecosystem, but also dangerous for you

(Not sure how to responsibly dispose of your old mattress? Check out Bye Bye Mattress for a mattress recycling location near you.)

Remember those VOCs?

Those chemicals can leach into and contaminate the soil and waterways, which is dangerous to people and animals alike.

When you make the choice to invest in an organic mattress, you’re saying “no” to all of the chemically-based and/or synthetic options available.

You’re also taking a stand for the environment — protecting the land, water, animals, and human residents of Tennessee.

On average, a good organic mattress can last 15-20 years ― as long as you’re properly maintaining it and using the right mattress covers and pads ― meaning you’ll buy fewer mattresses in your lifetime, which can put a real dent in how much waste you’re creating.

Ready to find out which organic mattress is right for your home?

Head on down to Sage Sleep Franklin today. Our team will be thrilled to help you find the right organic mattress for your Tennessee home.